Set Up

  • Assist MDCP organizers to prepare for the event on Saturday morning
  • Hang signs (may include the use of some simple tools)
  • Set up tents, tables, chairs, etc.
  • Lift and move heavy items (if applicable)

Entertainment Check-In

This task is designed to provide the entertainers with a point of contact.

  • Assist MDCP organizers in welcoming entertainers
  • Be polite, friendly, and helpful with entertainers
  • Provide entertainers information as needed
  • Provide entertainers with website / social media information
  • Inform or remind entertainers of their scheduled performance time
  • Communicate with MDCP staff

Vendor Check In

  • Assist with vendor needs
  • Assist in the vendor parking area 

Volunteer Check-In

  • Provide t-shirts to volunteers
  • Ensure volunteers sign the volunteer waiver, and inform them of their assigned area
  • Ensure volunteers are not more than an hour late for their assignment
  • Run errands and escort other volunteers to their respective work areas

Media Check-In

  • Sign in members of the media
  • Secure media contact information and publications specifics
  • Provide an appropriate badge/wristband

The volume of media registering throughout the day varies. 

Parking Area

  • Assist MDCP organizers in the parking area
  • Help patrons enter and exit parking area safely 


  • Assist the entertainment check-in volunteer with keeping time for entertainers
  • Facilitate question-and-answer sessions
  • Run errands as necessary
  • Ensure everyone in the area is wearing the appropriate wristband
  • Provide assistance with audio-visual issues
  • Tidy up the stage area after each entertainer

Kids Zone

  • Help facilitate kids area throughout your shift
  • Make sure parents don’t leave their children unattended (parents must stay in kids zone with children)
  • Be comfortable working with children
  • Help focus attention on activities and assist kids zone manager as needed
  • Professional teachers are encouraged to volunteer


  • Assist MDCP organizers in keeping the park safe
  • Report any incident or concerns to security staff or to the nearest police officer
  • Be very attentive to the area surroundings

JOATMAN – (Jack / Jill-of-all-trades “Floater”)

  • Assist MDCP organizers whenever and wherever needed
  • Be very flexible, willing, and ready to help when organizers are in a pinch
  • Run errands or fill in wherever organizers need volunteers at the time
  • Be ready to do anything

Breakdown / Cleanup

  • Assist MDCP organizers with breaking down of any areas as needed
  • Pack, lift, and carry light/heavy items (if applicable)