The Memorial Day Community Party is an annual event that serves to honor select areas- while, commemorating the families and businesses of these special communities. Our goal is to provide empowerment to its residents by exposing them to a positive environment and diverse culture that will open their minds to thinking and believing that they too are an impactful and influential community.

The celebration will be a fun-filled day of family fun activities, entertainment, great food and community resource providers. We will shine a spotlight on the great assets of that community- while, providing a positive opportunity for its members to enjoy the outdoors and connect with valuable resources from within the area.


Benefiting a Charitable Organization

As organizers of the Memorial Day Community Party, we’re always looking for opportunities to engage more closely with the local community- create awareness about causes that have a positive impact, and give back to those in need.

A portion of the proceeds from this event will benefit Houston Food Bank– a Houston-area food rescue organization established in 2008 that makes effective use of its community resources by working together as a unit. In fiscal year 2015-2016, the Houston Food Bank distributed 79,000,000 nutritious meals throughout the community. This organization also assists victims through counseling, empowerment coaching, educational classes, group therapy, workshops, and financial assistance.


Innovative Segue is a non-profit organization that serves as a gateway for bridging the gap between social and economic development and disadvantaged communities. Our mission is to provide education and skill-set training, therapy and character development through services such as community programs, interactive initiatives, mentorship and other resources.

With a focus on firmly pursuing efforts that will give disadvantaged communities a better understanding of itself and its importance to our existence. Our overall goal is to help guide these communities from paths of despair to successful empowerment by exposing them to various positive environments and diverse cultures that will open their minds to thinking and believing that they too can become future leaders.